This is the original FAQ created by littlenick27. If your questions are not in the other categories they are most likely in here.

UPDATED 8/03/17

Airline Manager FAQ

Since no one is bothered to actually click on the actual FAQ and not all topics are in it here is my FAQ

Everything is correct at the time of writing.

1.       What is realism mode?

It is a slightly harder mode that limits you in runway length, fuel capacity and other things

2.       Can I get back into realism mode after I left?

As of this post no.

3.       How do I restart the game?

Click on your profile and press the red restart button Note: It’s a good idea to tell your shareholders that you are planning to restart a few days before you do so they don’t hate you.

4.       Used vs factory A/C (aircraft)

Used A/C are cheaper, older and have higher fuel consumption

New A/C are expensive, newer and have lower fuel consumption. Also requires 150 bonus points to buy.

5.       Should I buy an international route license?

Yes. Well in the future when you start to go long haul. It cost 50 bonus points and allows for the operation international routes

6.       Can I crash?

Yes. Maybe, no. We don't know yet. Just do maintenance.

7.       How do I upload a logo?

Use,, or for your image Remember to post the direct image path. Also be mindful of copyright and porn

8.       What is the Easter egg?

The Easter egg is [redacted]

9.       Why have my passenger numbers dropped?

You become certified after 20 flights and the game becomes more realistic so the numbers dropped to make it harder. Using route demand and A/C config should increase your passenger demand.

10.   What is a stopover?

Extends the range of the aircraft. Does not pick up passengers.

11.   What is a U Check?

wnen the mafia bribes you 5 bonus points to click repair all to get out of realism mode

12.   What are loyalty points? Points you earn for up voting comments and getting up voted. You lose them if you get a down vote. Its 1 points per upvote/downvote.  Airlines with a certain number loyalty points are rewarded bonus points

13.   How do I get more bonus points? You earn achievements or buy them from the shop. Flying earns very little bonus points compared to AM1

14.   Where do I see my achievements?

In your profile accessed by clicking on your airline name in the top left.

15.   Can I transfer my AM1 account over?


16.   How do I increase my reputation?

Creating new routes, marketing, flying aircraft, etc

17.   Why did my reputation points suddenly decrease?

You probably closed routes, flown damaged aircraft, etc. See above on increasing them.

18.   Do I need marketing?

Yes if you want to make more profit

19.   What is advanced marketing?

When you advertise routes there is an option for advanced marketing in the top right corner. You must click on a campaign first to see that option.

20.   What the best time to buy fuel?

Below $300. Also don’t go on the forums telling you that the fuel price is very low. It gets annoying.

21.   What is the limit on routes? At the time of writing there is a 400 route limit. (i.e. you can fly a max of 400 aircraft) and a limit of 10 aircraft per route.

22.   A/C quality, A/C Config and how to get 10/10

Oceanic has a good guide written up in game help.

23.   What is the sale value? The amount you get back from selling a plane up to 99% of its value.

24.   How do I sell a plane? Go to fleet, click on the aircraft you would like to sell and press sell

25.   What are positive and negative articles?

Random events that affect your reputation. You get 5 bonus points per positive article.

26.   Do I need maintenance?

Yes to avoid point 6. You schedule maintenance via the maintenance tab


Shares are basically the score for the leader board.  Increase them buy buying planes, flying planes, etc. If other people buy your shares you don’t actually get the money but just a share increase.  Also of not you can initiate a share buyback if a person has not been playing for 7 days.

28.   How do I increase my staff morale?

By giving them raises or hiring more stuff. Keep the staff morale above 90% and it is generally accepted that hiring more staff is better than raising their salary.

29.   How do I increase my income?

Better routes, better planes, flying more often, etc

30.   What is the best plane?

Micro AM has a good quick start guide.

In summary start by buying 300 DM and then swapping them for better aircraft.

31.   What is DM?

Dassault Mercure. Page 4 on used aircraft or use the search button. I usually search dass.

32.   Should I change my fares?

In AM1 the rule was 15% increase of fares. Never lower fares

33.   Charter?

See the charter section

34. Why Charter over cargo or other features?

Devs choice. Next

35.   Why are certain features not in the game?

The developer has either not implemented them yet or they are not ever going to be in the game. Leasing, auto depart and cargo are more commonly requested features.

36.   Can I still integrate with Facebook?

Yes. All you need to do is log out and log back in via Facebook. Your progress should still be there.

37.   None of these solved my question. What do I do?

Read the actual FAQ, use the search button, read the other pages in the wiki. Only ask your question as a last resort if you can’t find the answer anywhere.