Flight Edit

To launch a plane you can either launch 20 flights at once or launch each individual plane. There is a checkbox if you do not want to launch that plane

There is also a flight map that shows where your planes are

Note: You must launch your planes manually. Automating this is not in the game and may get you banned

New Route Edit

Provided you have bought a plane you can launch a new route

To launch a new route you

  1. Select your A/C
  2. Select your desired destination country
  3. Select your desired airport/city
  4. Add a stopover if your plane cannot reach your intended destination
  5. Press next
  6. Name your route and configure your price
  7. Add catering if you wish
  8. Press create route and your done


  • There is a limit of 400 routes
  • You can only have 10 direct flights per destination
  • Stopovers do not pick up or drop off passengers
  • Using auto suggest causes realism mode to be lost
  • Flights to cities with runway lengths shorter than planes requirements causes realism mode to be lost
  • Prices should not be decreased as that is not effective. In AM1 the suggestion was to increase prices by 15%.
  • The limits for ticket prices are 20K for economy, 25K for business and 45K for first
  • Using catering increases profits (pick the option with the highest demand)
  • Mass catering causes realism mode to be lost
  • All flights must start from your hub
  • You can only have 1 hub at a time
  • If you change your hub routes flying from your old hub will remain until you close them
  • A International route license is needed to operate international long haul flights

Optimal Route

The optimal route consists of the following things:

  • Has high demand
  • Demand of economy, business and first match the number of economy, business and first seats in the plane
  • Has a maximum distance including stopover

Close/Swap route Edit

To close or swap a route your A/C must be in your hub. Click on the swap/close button and you will see an option to close the route or swap in a different A/C into thnuts e route.


If you close the route you will lose reputation points.

If you swap an A/C you must make sure your A/C meets the runway requirements or else you will lose realism mode

Find route Edit

Find route allows to to find a route that suits your particular needs based on given input parameters