A/C Market Edit

Used A/C Edit

What is a used A/C?

A used A/C is one of two things

  • A/C not in production anymore E.g. Boeing 707 or Airbus A300
  • Production A/C that has been used E.g. Boeing 747-8 or Airbus A380-800

Advantages of a used A/C

  • Typically cheaper than a new A/C.
  • Great for starting the game as you can expand a lot quicker

Disadvantages of a used A/C

  • Uses a lot more fuel than its new factory counterpart
  • Needs its first checks a lot quicker than a new one
  • Has delivery cost, tax and depending on location a huge delivery time.

Advanced Search

  • You can filter the search based on Distance Range, Speed range and Price range.

Used A/C Manufacturer

There are 17 'manufacturers':

  • Yakovlev
  • Fairchild Dornier
  • Dassault Aviation Breguet
  • British Aerospace
  • Ilyushin
  • Fokker
  • Convair
  • Beechcraft
  • Saab
  • Piaggio Aero
  • Vickers-Armstrongs
  • Lockheed Corporation
  • Tupolev
  • Handley Page
  • Sud Aviation
  • AVIC
  • de Havilland

Factory A/C Edit

What is a factory A/C?

A factory A/C is one of four things

  • A/C currently in production E.g. Boeing 747-8 or Airbus A380-800
  • A/C proposed and will be in production in the future E.g. Boeing 777-8x
  • A/C proposed and will never be in production in the future E.g. Airbus A380-900

Advantages of a factory A/C

  • Has lower fuel consumption than its used counterpart
  • Does not need its first chec4686545
  • Great for stock value

Disadvantages of a factory A/C

  • Expensive
  • Needs 150 bonus points to buy an license to buy factory A/C
  • Needs Boeing or Airbus license to buy Boeing 747s and Airbus A380s

A/C ManufacturerEdit

Currently, there are 9 companies:

Fleet Edit

Maximum amount of A/C allowed in the game

400 + any A/C purchase from bonus points

Selling A/C

To sell a A/C press the sell button. Make sure a plane isn't assigned to a route first

A/C Config

To configure an A/C click on the configuration.

You can configure

  • Seats
  • IFE
  • Wifi
  • Center Tank
  • Improved cabins

Oceanic has a good config guide in the AM2 Forums. Go to the Game help page. Its a sticky

Optimal Fleet Strategy Edit

Micro AM has a good quick start guide in the AM2 Forums. Go to the Game help page. Its a sticky

DM stands for Dassult Mercure. Its on page 4 of the used AC. Can also search dass


  • You may get the used A/C instantly when you purchase from a location thats same as your current hub.