Plan new maintenance Edit

When to plan maintenance?

Try to plan your maintenance when you know your plane will have arrived at its destination and you wont be able to launch it right away e.g. at work, during hours of sleep

This minimises downtime

Which checks should I do?

Always do A checks and B checks as they do not cost much

C checks are up to the user

Always avoid D checks as they are very expensive and are not worth it.


  • The achievement requires one of each check to be done as well as the U check (by clicking on repair all on repairs). It is recommended you do your checks for C and D when you are financially well off and can afford the checks.
  • Maintenance cannot be cancelled once you have scheduled it.
  • Doing Maintenance avoids crashes

Aircraft Repairs Edit

Always repair aircraft to avoid crashes

Note: Clicking repair all disables realism note

What happens when you do not do maintenance (more later) Edit

You get the following messages:

1st message

Aviation Authority Flight permit warning

Your fleet is poorly maintained! If you do not make sure to perform maintenance on your aircraft ASAP, you may risk a removal of your flight permits. Without flight permits you will no longer be able to depart your flights.

2nd message

On behalf of the AM Aviation Authority, this is a final warning

If you do not make sure to maintain your fleet ASAP, all of your flight permits will be removed, and you will no longer be allowed to operate flights

In addition to the removal of your flight permits, you will be fined for each day you ignore this message.

Neglecting to follow these demands, will result in a forced bankruptcy of your company

3rd message

Flight permits revoked

Your flight permits have been revoked by the aviation autorities, and you will be fined for each day you do not perform checks on your fleet

You have been fined a daily fine of $ 5,000,000


  • Some of ingame features, total of LP and the detailed maintenance timeline may not showing up on older devices such Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus.