In the marketing section, you can advertise your airline, facilities or routes.

Airline Awareness - This advertising type helps to increase your company reputation.

Business Class Facilities - This advertising increases awareness of your business class facilities, thus increasing the amount of business passengers you have onboard your flights.

First Class Facilities - Increases the amount of first class passengers you have onboard your flights.

Beside from that you can advertise your routes to create special awareness of the specific routes.

When creating a campaign, you can choose between a few options. All serves the purpose to increase the ad efficiency, which is the most important thing.

International campaigns are better than national etc.

You can choose your own Campaign name.

The duration available are:

  • Days - 1-6 Days
  • Weeks - 1-3 Weeks
  • Months - 1 Month

You may increase your budget to increase the efficiency.


  • Campaign name
  • Duration
  • Budget


  • Campaign
  • National/International
  • Ad Type
  • Duration
  • Budget

Ad TypeEdit

There are 2 types, Manual and Auto.


  • Printed ads
  • Digital ads
  • Billboards ads


  • Combined
  • Best delivery