Bonus Points Edit

How do I get more bonus points?

There are 2 ways of getting bonus points:

  1. Micro transactions and supporting the developer
  2. Flying your planes (earns very little compared to AM1)
  3. Loyalty Points

What do I buy with my bonus points?

The two most important things to buy with your bonus points are:

  1. International Route License
  2. Factory A/C License

Once you reach 100 aircraft you can also buy charter and cargo flights although it is not recommended you buy either of those unless you have a stable income and growth from regular passenger flights.

Loyalty Points Edit

What are loyalty points?

Loyalty points are designed to make the forum a better place.

You get 1 point for every comment you up vote and every one of you comments that are up voted.

You lose 1 point for the opposite.

Can loyalty points be converted to bonus points?


What is the conversion rate?

I will not tell you what the conversion rate (It isn't one in the common sense anyway) as that defeats the purpose of making the board a nicer place (as per the developers' wishes). Once you acquired enough loyalty points you get bonus points.

Reputation Edit

How did I lose reputation?

Reputation points are usually lost for these reasons:

  • Bad articles
  • not doing maintenance
  • closing routes

How do I increase reputation?

You can increase reputation by:

  • Flying planes
  • Creating new routes
  • Doing maintenance
  • Good articles