Selling Edit

What is the point of stocks?

Selling stocks can only be achieved when going public. You cannot return to private once you have gone public. Going public means other people can invest in your company. When other people buy your shares your stock value up. When people sell your stock your stock value goes down. You do not receive the money that people have used to buy your stock. Your stock value is basically a ranking system.

What are investor reports?

Investor reports are reports that you can release every 12 hours to tell investors about your airline. This includes a automatically generated financial report telling airlines whether your airline is a wise choice for investment. This is also where you create your CEO name.

What if an investor has stopped playing?

Good news you can now buyback their shares if they are idle for 7 days. They have 3 days to respond. If they do not respond their shares will be sold.

Buying Edit

What is the point of buying stocks?

The only point to buying stocks is to make a profit and bragging rights to say that you own the stocks of the top airline (or something similar).

What if an airline resets when I have invested in them?

Just like a real company in real life bad luck. You made a bad investment and are punished for it. If you do intend on resetting please give warning of intention to reset to your investors via mail. a few days before you intend to reset.